For our client, the enjoy hotel Berlin City Messe, we provided our ActiveCoat antibacterial and antiviral surface coating. This way, the hotel safeguards the health of guests and employees.

Berlin, June 2020. The coronavirus led to exceptional situations worldwide: #stayathome, contact bans, economic collapses, closure of museums, restaurants, and hotels. Our everyday life came to a standstill. After the number of infections decreased and the lockdown restrictions were slowly reduced, it became necessary to find safe and germ-free solutions for every possible situation and everyone involved. With every new measure, the extra work is very noticeable day in and day out: the obligation to wear masks, keeping your distance, general hygiene, and cleaning, but also disinfection of hands and surfaces.

Repeatedly Disinfecting and Cleaning

Hoteliers face immense challenges considering hygiene, not only in times of the coronavirus. Where high numbers of guests and employees enter the buildings every day and breakfast rooms and lobbies are full of people, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces is of utmost importance. Because seemingly clean surfaces are not always germ-free.

Studies have shown that after six hours of cleaning a surface, the bacterial load is back to a high and possibly harmful level for human beings. And yet the germs are completely invisible. The coating with ActiveCoat prevents that approximately a year, after one single application and without the need for additional disinfection.

The coating is effective and very abrasion resistant for example during cleaning. ActiveCoat is a color- and odorless coating with titanium dioxide that can be applied to almost all surfaces. If you would like to learn more about it, check out our second blog post.

ActiveCoat Service at enjoy hotel Berlin

The enjoy hotel Berlin decided to have surfaces coated by our trained staff. After thorough precleaning, the spraying process started in the breakfast room: tables, chairs, and doors were coated using electrostatic sprayers. Quickly and effectively. The coating dries in approximately 15 minutes, depending on the surface. Once the drying process is complete, using, touching, and cleaning the surfaces is again possible.

Surfaces – Day in, Day out

Handrails in staircases are often used. Accordingly, we coated them at the enjoy hotel Berlin, thereby ensuring the safety of guests and employees without the necessity of repeated disinfection. Furthermore, elevators and especially the buttons within are almost constantly in use. When taking the elevator, guests tend to lean against the wall, resting their legs for a short moment. ActiveCoat is extremely suitable to reduce the bacterial load of surfaces in elevators, another location we coated at the enjoy hotel berlin.

Imagine a guest returning to the hotel after a long day, collecting their keys, opening their room, and turning on the TV. Doing so, the guest touches two things that are possibly covered with bacteria and germs: the keys and the remote control. We respectively sprayed each key, keyring, and remote control with the ActiveClean coating.

We are delighted to inform you about the successful cooperation with the enjoy hotel Berlin City Messe and the increased safety for guests and staff we achieved by applying the coating.