Anything you can think of! We are talking bacteria making your throat hurt or causing a cough. But also, viruses like the SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) and influenza, norovirus, etc. Additionally, yeasts and algae are a thing of the past. If you seek additional information on this, feel free to contact us. ActiveCoat powered by TiTANO® truly revolutionizes the field of hygiene.

ActiveCoat powered by TiTANO® lasts up to a year and is much cheaper than cleaning and disinfecting constantly. Once applied, the bacterial load of (highly) used surfaces is significantly reduced by its self-cleaning effects. The surface coating prevents bacterial growth on highly used surfaces. After cleaning and disinfecting a surface without ActiveCoat coating, the microbiological load is usually back to a high and possibly dangerous level within less than six hours. But not anymore with ActiveCoat.

We truly believe that our coating revolutionizes the field of hygiene. With its self-cleaning properties, ActiveCoat powered by TiTANO® makes it unnecessary to disinfect highly used surfaces multiple times a day. While the surface coating is hydrophilic, which means that it makes germs stick to it, it also begins killing those germs once they get in contact. The cell membrane is attacked, the replication of the cells stopped and, eventually, the viruses and bacteria are killed. This ensures that the microbiological load stays on a level that is safe to touch for humans and lessens the chance of catching a disease.

ActiveCoat powered by TiTANO® was thoroughly tested in an orthopaedic outpatient clinic. For a week, the bacterial load on surfaces was tested and examined multiple times a day, more specifically: before and after cleaning, at the beginning of the day and after closing the clinic. Staff was not informed, thus cleaning and disinfecting routines were not changed or altered. After a week, the ActiveCoat surface coating was applied and another week of monitoring the bacterial load followed. Again, the staff was not aware of any of the tests. In the second week it could be proven that the bacterial load on highly used surfaces was significantly reduced compared to week 1. Feel free to contact us for further information.

ActiveCoat powered by TiTANO® is very resistant to abrasion (Elcometer test in accordance with ASTM), both against dry abrasion and also against repeated wiping with water and aqueous disinfectants containing ethanol, isopropanol, or benzylammonium chloride (up to 5,000 cycles). The surface coating lasts a year, regular checks will ensure safety.

Simply use your usual cleaning products with a pH-value within 4 and 8 when cleaning ActiveCoat powered by TiTANO®.

First, we need to make sure that the surface we intend to coat is clean. ActiveCoat powered by TiTANO® surface coating solution is filled into the electrostatic sprayers we use. Depending on the location and the material of the surface it might be necessary to dilute the concentrate with distilled water. The solution is applied in a Z-shaped motion and needs to dry completely before going back to using the surfaces in the usual way. The length of the drying process depends on the material, but we recommend allowing 30 minutes and opening windows if possible.

We will come around and have a look at your place. We will recommend surfaces to be coated with ActiveCoat surface coating and are happy to explain why. After a first look, we will calculate the surface size that should be sprayed to ensure your customers’, clients’, visitors’, and employees’ health. After that, we are good to go and while you make sure that the surfaces, we intent to spray, are clean, we take care of the rest.

ActiveCoat powered by TiTANO® works independent from light conditions and temperatures. So, it is not only possible to coat any kind of surface and material, but we can also spray every location with our ActiveCoat surface coating, no matter what.

We should coat anything that is touched by a lot of people every day. That could be e.g. elevators, handrails of stairs and escalators, tables, chairs and couches, electronic devices, and coffee machines, TV remote controls, keys, and key chains. It depends on your office, shop, hotel, or restaurant. Contact us and we will be delighted to make you an offer specially tailored to your requirements.

Some people told us that, yes, it does make significant differences. When one person sprayed his room (yes – the entire room including walls, ceiling, carpet, and furniture) he noticed fewer headaches. So why is that so? ActiveCoat powered by TiTANO® surface coating has a hydrophilic nature and attracts germs that float around in the air. When those are no longer able to do so, the air in rooms may become cleaner, fresher, and better smelling. We would love to get more feedback on this, so please feel free to contact us and share your experiences.

No – there will be no harm for you, your skin, or your health in general. However, the application of ActiveCoat powered by TiTANO® surface coating should be done by our trained staff with proper protective equipment in accordance with the SDS (protective clothing, protective glasses, face protection, gloves, FFP3 particle mask). After the application, the solution must dry completely before going back to regular use and cleaning (allow 30 minutes).

The ActiveCoat powered by TiTANO® coating is totally safe to touch, use, and even lick if that should happen. No need to worry.

Thanks to our special electrospray process, the application of ActiveClean® powered by TiTANO® coating is very easy, smooth, and even. The self-cleaning surface coating is colour- and odourless and will not influence textiles, carpet, wood, stone, metal, or whatsoever. On dark synthetic and real leather, the concentrate can lead to grey spots, accordingly, as prevention, we recommend a 50% dilution on those occasions.

ActiveCoat powered by TiTANO® is produced in Germany.

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