A coating that kills viruses and bacteria? The effects of antimicrobial surface coatings seem almost too good to be true. For that reason, we decided to share with you the interesting results of a study carried out in an orthopaedic medical practice room. You will see that those effects do occur and that antiviral and antibacterial surface coatings, like our coating service ActiveCoat by the European Health Group, effectively work in achieving more surface hygiene.

Hygiene in Practice Rooms

Everybody comprehends the importance of consistent and thorough cleaning and disinfection processes in medical practice rooms. Obviously, this is the place where a lot of people (i.e. patients) meet and many different germs can spread. That is why in those places, surface hygiene is of utmost importance.  In the aforementioned study (see the end of the text for our source), it was shown that incorrect cleaning processes and wrong handling of cleaning and disinfection products resulted in a much less hygienic outcome than would be healthy or desirable. Apparently, there is quite some room for improvement in this field. Something that can help achieve even better surface hygiene is an antimicrobial surface coating.

The bacterial load of highly used surfaces was reduced effectively and significantly with our coating service ActiveCoat, providing a self-cleaning, antimicrobial surface coating.

Direct Comparison considering Effectiveness

In a classic A-B test, an orthopaedic practice was observed for two weeks. Each day, at the same times, smear tests were carried out at the same places of highly used surfaces to check for their bacterial load. During the first week of the tests, no antiviral and antibacterial TiTANO® surface coating had been applied. Following, the ActiveCoat service took place before the second week of tests. The cleaning and practice staff were not informed about the tests, ensuring that the cleaning and disinfection routines were not altered in any way. Accordingly, a direct comparison of the two situations is possible. The study showed the effectiveness of the antimicrobial surface coating against viruses and bacteria.

Surface Coating with the ActiveCoat Service

Surfaces that were deemed critical were coated in the medical practice room: those that are highly used (e.g. screens, door handles, and waiting rooms) and those that usually come into close contact with the patients (e.g. chairs, treatment area). The coating process was carried out on a Saturday, before the second week of smear tests occurred, using an electrostatic spraying process. The company HECOSOL that provides the European Health Group with the clear liquid, based their technology on water-soluble titanium dioxide and silver ions. Here, you can find more information on our coating service ActiveCoat.

Results of the ActiveCoat Service

The smear tests and contact samples were collected daily for a total of two weeks, before and after the practising hours, and additionally after the daily cleaning routine. Based on the tests, the bacterial loads of several surfaces were determined. During the second week of the tests, after the application of the antiviral and antibacterial surface coating on highly used surfaces, tests were continued in the same manner:  same times and spots in the practice room.

The study demonstrated that with the antiviral and antibacterial coating the detected bacterial counts were
reduced by about 60%.

Thus, an effective reduction of the bacterial load was verified, and better surface hygiene achieved. It is proven correct that an antimicrobial surface coating of highly used surfaces is helpful, effective, and practical in the prevention of (smear) infections.

Infection Prevention by Combining Surface Coatings, Cleaning and Disinfection Processes

We would like to point out the importance of combining thorough cleaning, careful disinfection, and the application of an antiviral and antibacterial surface coating to achieve the most effective infection prevention, especially in times of a pandemic.

The coating service ActiveCoat supports the efforts against smear infections forcefully. It is ideal for public transport, hotels, and restaurants, in schools and gyms, at airports and train stations, as well as in hospitals and medical practice rooms. The procedure is very functional, as an application is possible later than the moment of production. The coating can be applied to all materials and works on every surface, independent from light and temperature conditions.


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